About TubeSnack

The web needs a better video playlist maker!

TubeSnack is a web video player that allows developers, bloggers, website owners or regular people to build video playlists online, in three easy steps:

  • 1. Add videos from YouTube. You don't have to upload these videos to TubeSnack, instead you will be prompted to insert links to their original source (YouTube).
  • 2. Customize your player & playlist so that it matches your personal preferences and your website's design.
  • 3. Publish. Once published, your video playlist can be shared on the web in every way imaginable.

Once created, the video playlists can be shared, embedded or downloaded both as SWF files for HTML websites and customizable flash components for full-flash websites.

TubeSnack was created to give you a practical solution for sharing and embedding multiple videos at once.

Here's a playlist built with TubeSnack:

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TubeSnack video playlists can be created and shared for free in various ways:

TubeSnack video player maker main features:

  • - Customizable video players
  • - Stylish templates
  • - Share/embed YouTube playlists
  • - Both HTML and flash websites are supported
  • - Unlimited number of playlists
  • - Free unlimited hosting
  • - A wide array of publishing options
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